StoryGrinder is now Freeware!


StoryGrinder is a tool for writers who find themselves needing to refer to reference material in the course of writing their story, allowing web pages or snippets of textual information to be stored and viewed along with the story itself.

Whether you're writing for:

  • Your blog
  • Email
  • Online forums

...StoryGrinder will help you get the job done accurately and attractively.



In addition to its editing capability, StoryGrinder can also be used to save snippets of information or web pages in its built in Resources view for later use in story creation.




  • Full featured editor with support for HTML tags
  • Associate information resources (text and web pages) with individual stories
  • View resources at the same time as editing
  • Collect resources in a central resource view for later use in story creation
  • Full web browser style navigation in the resource view pane
  • Built-in full story preview
  • Custom tag support
  • Perl scripting support for the manipulation of stories
  • AppleScript and Services integration


Current Version Notes

  • The current version is 1.0RC1
  • This version is for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) only
  • StoryGrinder is a Universal Binary


Changes in 1.0RC1

  • Installer fixes/changes to use Administrator mode rather than root mode.
  • Fixes to Spotlight importer
  • Time restrictions removed - StoryGrinder is now Freeware.
  • Several minor bug fixes



StoryGrinder is freeware. If you enjoy using StoryGrinder and would like to contribute to its ongoing development, please consider a donation.

Download StoryGrinder Installer
Getting Started Documentation

Please report any bugs or suggestions to