About Phone Today

Phone Today is a Today Screen plugin which displays the status of your connected GSM phone, or Pocket PC Phone Edition device.

Phone Today works with any GSM phone which is connected to your Pocket PC through a serial connection, and which supports GSM 07.05 and 07.07 AT+C commands, or with Pocket PC Phone Edition devices such as the XDA/MDA.

Note that Phone Today is not supported on CDMA based Pocket PC Phone Edition devices


Save battery power by scheduling the availability of your GSM radio and Bluetooth using the Phone Today Radio Scheduler, a companion to Phone Today.

Schedule when your GSM and/or Bluetooth radios are turned on or off - respects SIM PINs.

Phone Today Display for Pocket PC Phone Edition

Phone Today Display for Pocket PC with External GSM Phone


Changes in Version 1.0.11 (Phone Edition Only)

  • Includes fix for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition "flicker"

Changes in Version 1.0.9 (Phone Edition Only)

  • Incorporate advanced logging options
  • Include support for Radio Scheduler

Changes in Version 1.0.7

  • For Pocket PC Phone Edition, fixed problem with "Connect" when a proxy is used in GPRS connection settings
  • For serial connected phones, added a startup delay between the power on of the Pocket PC and the start of probing to allow time for Bluetooth to power up
  • Modifications to the setup wizard to detect Windows Mobile 2003 and not attempt to probe COM5 (which, on the iPaq 2215 at least, hangs)

Click here for the complete version by version change log


Download & Installation

Download the Phone Today installer to your desktop system, and execute it to install Phone Today on your Pocket PC. 

If you have a previous version installed, please uninstall it by following the directions from the Phone Today Settings screen.

Please see the documentation which will be installed on your desktop system for configuration instructions.

If you have a Pocket PC Phone Edition device such as the XDA or MDA, you can take advantage of the Phone Today muting functionality using a hardware button by assigning the MutePhone application to one of your devices hardware buttons.

Also with your Pocket PC Phone Edition, you can download and install the Phone Today companion Radio Scheduler to schedule the availability of your GSM and Bluetooth radios.

Note that Phone Today expires after 14 days, after which you can register it (below) to remove the trial restriction.  This is a fully functioning trial.


Download Phone Today 1.0.11  
Pocket PC Phone Edition Only.  Radio Scheduler is included
**Windows Mobile 2003 only
Download Phone Today 1.0.11  
Pocket PC Phone Edition Only.  Radio Scheduler is NOT included
Download Phone Today 1.0.7  
(Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003)


Phone Today is now free, and unsupported.

Use the following email address/registration code to unlock Phone Today once you've installed it:

Email address: support@burroak.ca
Code: 204848